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Kucino is the first Casino on the Kucoin Community Chain, powered by The GURU Network.

Some of the current games from the house of Kucino include:

🎰 2-player jackpot to double your money (upto 0.11 KCS!)

🎰 instaLOTTO with no pot-limits & unlimited players!

🎰 21-hour Daily Roll, one lucky ticket holder wins-it-all! *On Fantom Opera network:

🎰 *3-player mini-jackpot to triple your money (upto 4.011 *FTM!)

🎰 *3-player micro-jackpot to triple your money (upto 0.4011 *FTM!)

Kucino Casino’s native token, the $KUCINO is a masterpiece in itself, incorporated with state-of-the-art De-Fi flavours & #UpOnly recipes!

🎰Our presale fundraiser was completed successfully with an oversubscribed contribution of 2104 KCS! Full raise was added to LP!

🎰Liquidity tokens timelocked for extensible period using our special and innovative timelock! Hodl KUCINO, Earn KCS!

🎰 Earn KCS just by holding the KUCINO token! Claim your rewards every cycle and reap the benefits of compounding! Hodl KUCINO, Earn KUCINO!

🎰 Holders earn KUCINO just by holding the KUCINO token, using the famous reflection mechanism! Re-claim KCS, Earn 5x bonus!

🎰 Every once in a while, a lucky KCS claimer will be rewarded with a Jackpot Claim, which is an amount of KCS significantly greater, and upto 5x more than their expected earnings! Hodl 13.37k KUCINO, Earn Satty to KuPOT!

🎰 A part of each transaction will also be used to fund The KuPot, where holders drain the KuPOT smart contract’s balance! Hodl 1M KUCINO, Earn Seat at Re-Roller!

🎰 The Elite KUCINO holders with holdings over 1 Million can find themselves an open seat at our Premium Game, The Re-Roller, which is our biggest Jackpot with huge KCS payouts! Provide Liquidity, Earn extra KUCINO!

🎰 Liquidity Providers get to double dip when they join any KUCINO Pool. LPs Earn Reflection + Trading fees, both, for pooling KUCINO at any of their favorite AMM DEXes! Automatic Liquidity Addition, Price-Floor Elevation!

🎰 With every movement of KUCINO, 4% of it’s worth is added back to the liquidity pool, easing trade slips and raising the lower price limits higher & ever-higher, again, and again! Anti-Sniper, A Fair Launch measure!

🎰 Users were adviced to avoid trading and transacting during the first 40 minutes as there was 90% liquidity fee to avoid sniping while the pre-sale allocation was being distributed using’s Airdrop-Tool. Whale-Inhibition, equitable participation

🎰 The special contract design employed by Kucino’s smart contract hinders whales from participating at scale. Multiple mechanisms that are in-built to Kucino Casino’s KUCINO token discourage hoarding. Freshers Cooldown, soothes excitement!

🎰 One more special tokenomic aspect of Kucino Casino’s native token is the “adaptive” Cooldown periods. Whenever anyone increases their existing KUCINO holdings by 2% or greater, the time due for claiming their KCS rewards is extended by a proportional factor, with a maximum possible additional delay of 73 hours if someone increases their holdings by 2x or more. Disruption Taxation, ecosystem protection!

🎰 Another unique feature that sets KUCINO token apart is that smart contract governed protocol levies a fixed, %-based tax, paid in KCS on all transfers that want to cross the transfer limits. This KCS is used to instantly buyback KUCINO from the open-markets at spot price and burned to the 0xdEaD address! Maximum Transaction, limits volatile behaviour!

🎰 Transfers greater than 0.1%, or 13,370,000 KUCINO (worth $133.7 at launch date) are rejected by the Kucino Protocol at contract-level. The only way around this discouraging barrier is to lose 20% in disruption taxes + 12% from the value of your tokens from transaction fee, making it a hoarder’s nightmare!

🎰 Collector’s Contribution, coalescent combination! Each holder of KUCINO, who collects more than 2 KCS in a single claim, always makes a contribution of 20% of their rewards! This is paid in KCS and goes to buyback and burn KUCINO tokens at market price, overall raising the price floor! Veteran’s Donation, feeding the future!

🎰 Last but not the least of our features is the veteran’s donation! Long-term holders who collect more than 100 shall make a donation of 20% towards raising the price floor via a B&B mechanism from their KCS rewards. Even a small amount goes a long way! Kucino Casino is powered by The Guru Network that spans multiple-networks, providing blockchain tools, niche utility apps, De-Fi services and more!

🎰 Discover Kucino and Guru Network along with an enthusiastic and supportive community!




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13,370,000,000 KUCINO

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